Structuring your Product Management backlog using

A step-by-step guide to get you up and running in an hour

What I want to achieve

I want to plan work in an easy, understandable way

Simplified overview of the way we structure our work
Visual overview of how we assign stories belonging to different epics in a sprint

Why do you set it up like this?

Set up your Products board

List the products that you manage
Example of what your product table could look like

Set up your Sprints board

Create Sprints with a goal, status and timeline. Then link it to your products
Link your products to your sprints with a linked column
Example of filters that are now available for your Sprints

Set up your Epics

Example of the planning information for Epics
Example of the prioritization information that I used on the board. By filling out the parameters the priority is automatically calculated.

Set up your User stories

Status information can be added to User stories to keep track of how work is progressing
Information fields that are used to support planning of work items

Some final thoughts

A final note

Product Manager by profession with a passion for Innovation. Designer by education. Board Game enthusiast by choice. Fantasy & Sci-fi fan. Father of 2.

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