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Remco Magielse
Product Manager by profession with a passion for Innovation. Designer by education. Board Game enthusiast by choice. Fantasy & Sci-fi fan. Father of 2.


  • Nadin Rusinova

    Nadin Rusinova

  • Rajath Shivashankar

    Rajath Shivashankar

  • Sachin Jaiswal

    Sachin Jaiswal

  • Marvin Marcano

    Marvin Marcano

    Lead Content Writer @ Ascend Content | I write about Leadership, Freelancing, and Self-Improvement| Connect With Me here:

  • Burak Kılıçaslan

    Burak Kılıçaslan

    Business Analyst/Scrum Master/Software Engineering MSc

  • Vikas Gupta

    Vikas Gupta

    Business Analyst/Product Owner in Travel Industry

  • Christianlauer


    Big Data Enthusiast based in Hamburg and Kiel.

  • Leilani Belle

    Leilani Belle

    Leilani Belle — Living life. Writer. Author. Learning. Teaching. Sharing. Growing. No shame. Just living. With husband. And cats.

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